Globalisation and increasing international competition continuously lead to shorter product life cycles, which in turn causes cost and innovation pressure to rise. In order keep up with the pace of the market it is crucial for today’s companies to exactly know about their customers’ needs and offer them tailored products. Efficiency and effectiveness of innovation activities thereby largely depend on the retrieval and processing of information about relevant needs and solutions.

A successful method to obtain information is to open up internal innovation processes in order to use the outside world both actively and strategically: instead of relying exclusively on the skills of their internal R&D departments companies should open up for external input and cooperate with R&D centres, universities, suppliers, customers, and even competitors. Externalising their own but unused technologies and processes, f. i. via licensing or sale, is another opportunity companies can make use of.

Open Innovation Training

The training developed by OpenAlps’ project partner ARDI Rhône-Alpes will show how Open Innovation “works”: It explains the theoretical basics of the concept, illustrates its different methods with the help of practical case studies, and analyses potential obstacles occurring at its implementation.

The role of SMEs in relation to Open Innovation will play a central role throughout the seminar: how can they make use of the Open Innovation paradigm? Which benefits can they achieve from opening up their innovation processes?

Amongst other points the cost-free one day training will cover the following:

  • Open Innovation concepts and strategies
  • Open Innovation methods and case studies
  • Integration of Open Innovation elements into the own innovation process
  • Open Innovation Platform

The next Open Innovation trainings will take place on 27 March 2014 @ MFG Public Innovation Agency in Stuttgart and on 27 June 2014 @ IHK Nordschwarzwald in Porzheim. Both training sessions are offered free-of-charge. The number of participants per training is limited to 20 persons. Training language will be German.

For further information you are welcome to download the seminar flyer. To register for participating in our Open Innovation training in Pforzheim please click here.