New Ways to Innovation – How companies benefit from Open Innovation processes

Seminar content Due to shorter product cycles, enterprises today are facing increased pressure to innovate. In order to enlarge their own innovation potential, more and more companies actively and strategically involve external actors such as clients, suppliers and research partners. Experience showed that companies which open up their innovation processes (= “Open Innovation”) are able […]

McDonald’s goes Open Innovation

When the German branch of the American hamburger giant celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011, McDonald’s marketing experts started a campaign called Mein Burger (“my burger”) in order to establish and strengthen ties with the national fast food community. For McDonald’s, the innovative approach of customer integration was so successful that it was re-launched in […]

Networking for Innovation – Achieving Success with Open Innovation and new Business Models

Seminar Content Companies undisputedly need innovation to move forward. To get innovations off the ground, numerous methods and tools already exist to support the product development process. More and more companies are realising that they must complement their internal perspective with innovation processes that are open to entering various types of cooperation with outsiders (open […]